“Directly liquid and easy terms” is nothing new in today’s online loan world. But if you want to look for sharia loan applications through online channels, it seems we have to be more patient. Because the number of sharia fintech lending players is still limited.

Yes, Islam clearly and Tegal prohibits borrowing with interest, which is then known as usury. In order to avoid interest and usury, the development of the financial world in Indonesia has actually been represented by Islamic banking loans.

But back to the service limitations and citizen access to Islamic banking which is the most limited. Although in fact sharia financial products and services that are faster and easier are important.

On the basis of the problems above, and the enthusiasm of Indonesian citizens to access online lending and lending, now Islamic fintech is starting to appear a lot. The emergence of sharia-based fintech is a new color that offers online sharia loan services with a direct liquid process.

Although the statement “Immediately liquid” we cannot simply interpret it literally. But at least the online sharia loan process is easier and faster than the process of applying for a traditional loan.

The special point that we need to pay attention to when determining Islamic loan services is none other than the validity of the financial institution. Because of that, I always recommend all my friends to only connect to fintech, registered and licensed by the OJK when applying for a loan.

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5 Sharia-Based Online Loan Applications

Sharia-Based Online Loan Application

For those of you who are looking for a loan without usury and disbursement immediately, you don’t need to worry. You can make the following online sharia loan applications the best option when you need a sharia loan that has been registered with the OJK:

1. Investree – Online Sharia Loans

Investree is a fintech that offers sharia loan products. This Fintech company that acts as an online marketplace creates a base to make it easier to find and meet lenders.

It seems that Investree’s conservative loan products are familiar to the ear. There are at least four conservative loans that we can determine starting from Invoice Financing, Buyer Financing, Online Seller Financing, and Working Capital Term Loans.

Apart from conservative loans, this fintech that has received permission from the OJK has sharia funding services. The services are Sharia Business Funding and Sharia Online Seller Financing. The following two services that you can specify as an alternative to liquid direct online Islamic loans.

2. PT Ammana Fintek Syariah – Online Loans

Ammana is the first online Fintech in Indonesia that fully offers Islamic loans. We can show the presence of Ammana as the first sharia fintech with the maturity of this company. Until the success of getting full permission from the OJK since the end of last year.

If we look at the Payment Success Rate (TKB90), Ammana is quite good. At least the TKB90 figure reaches 98.34% (when this discussion is circulated). That means less than 2% of borrowers fail to pay within the final 90 days.

It’s not too much if we mention Fintech, which is headquartered in South Jakarta, as the best online sharia loan. Like the uniqueness of the Islamic economy, Ammana Fintek prioritizes unity, balance, freedom, and ultimately responsibility.

We can say that Ammana’s funding mechanism is quite safe for Borrowers or Lenders. This is because each prospective Borrower must first become a member of an Islamic financial partner who already has a partnership with Ammana.

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3. PT Berkah Finteck Syariah – Online P2P Lending Loans

Experienced and professional in providing relief for PT Karunia Finteck Syariah (BFS) to obtain an OJK registration mark. Fintech, which organizes online loans and loans exclusively, acts as a bridge between lenders and those who receive Islamic loans.

Sharia Fintech Funding with an agreement like Islamic law, in essence, is the Murabahah Pledge, Ijarah Multijasa, and Ijarah Muntakiya BitTamlik (IMBT). While capital agreements with Murabahah and Musyarakah pledges are quite popular in the world of Islamic economics.

Karunia Finteck Syariah is headquartered in East Java, precisely in the city of Surabaya. As for secretarial issues, this Fintech is located on Jl. Dempo No. 19 Pegangsaan, Central Jakarta. As a non-bank financial services company, Karunia Finteck Syariah is quite interesting because it openly displays its legality on the official website.

4. Papitupi Sharia Loans

If you need an online sharia loan to meet consumer needs, whether in the form of purchasing goods or services. Papitupi Syariah is the right choice. The Fintech platform, which was brought in by PT Device Alphabet Gagah, officially has an OJK registration certificate since last year.

Papitupi Syariah brought in two loan products called Papifund and Papiplafond. The two funds will be provided with a sharia-like agreement so that they are safe and without usury.

Papifund is an online sharia loan that we can provide to finance the purchase of goods and services with a maximum ceiling of IDR 10 million. While Papiplafond tends to be intended for payment and shopping for daily needs.

5. Sharia Natural Loan Platform

PT Alami Fintech Sharia is a Sharia P2P that offers online loans through the website. For you business owners in the form of PT, CV, or Foundation. You can choose Alami Sharia as the best basis for sharia business capital loans.

It’s a shame that Alami Sharia funding currently only exists for Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. Even so, we do not rule out the possibility that Alami Sharia will expand its service wings in other cities or regions.

Unless the business is in the Jabodetabek area. You should also see some of the following requirements before applying for an online sharia loan through Alami Sharia. Unlike Unsecured Credit (KTA) or loans without collateral, Alami Sharia offers financing with personal guarantees.