Confused about choosing an online loan because the interest is as high as possible? KTA from banks needs you to make an alternative to online loans in 2022 because there are banks that offer KTA where the interest and costs are lower. Interest and loan fees really greatly affect the small amount of monthly installments that you have to pay later.

In order for light installments, take a low interest KTA loan that best suits your financial situation. It’s no longer a secret from KTA Bank, interest on online loans in Indonesia is currently still high.

Even though it has the advantage in terms of fast disbursement of funds. Pinjol has disadvantages in terms of fees which can reach 0.8% per day or 24% per month. Not to mention the problem of repaying loans that need to be paid off in one sitting with an optimal tenor of 30 days.

Once there is a monthly installment online loan, the time is still too short, between 1-6 months. Another is by means of Unsecured Credit from banks with an installment payment pattern of up to 60 months.

Each KTA issuing bank has different provisions and interest rates from one another. Some of them offer low interest KTA loans below 1%. There are also those who provide loan facilities without collateral with interest above 1 percent.

Even so, interest on Unsecured Credit from banks is still lower than interest on online loans from fintech lending in 2022. The small interest rate for KTA is heavily influenced by the BI Reference Interest and the credit score of prospective debtors. It is not strange if every year the banks update the loan interest provisions based on the company’s decision.

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If you want to determine a loan with easy installments, you must be careful in comparing credit products between banks. The following are several banks that offer low interest KTA either by submitting an offline or online system in 2022:

1. Bank DBS Indonesia

Who doesn’t know DBS Bank? Through the Contribution Fund product, this private banking close friend has shot up because it offered to apply for KTA online.

The bank that was confirmed as the World’s Best Bank 2019 by Euromoney magazine. registered as a well-known digital banking implementer in Indonesia. Through the Digibank service, DBS has been experimenting with providing services to customers online since 2017.

Recently KTA DSB, which is popular as a Close Friend Contribution Fund, has migrated to become Digibank KTA. Digibank KTA offers a maximum of IDR 300 million with tenor options of 12, 24 and 36 months. Bank DSB’s unsecured loans are included as low interest KTA with interest rates of 0.88% – 1.49% flat per month.

2. Standard Chartered Bank

This bank, which is under the auspices of Standard Chartered Holdings Limited, has a superior Unsecured Credit product. Standard Chartered offers KTA products with a ceiling starting at IDR 5 million to IDR 300 million.

Customers can apply for Standard Chartered KTA online with the option of a time period between 12 – 60 months. Even though it was once trending because it closed its branch office in Tomang, West Jakarta starting December 7 2019. Standard Chartered still serves banking business transactions in 5 other offices.

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3. Permata Bank KTA Low Interest 2022

Permata Bank offers unsecured cash loans with a nominal value starting from IDR 5 million to IDR 300 million. The time period that we can specify is also quite flexible, starting from three months to 5 years.

Interestingly, Permata KTA interest starts at 0.88% flat / month lower than online loans in 2022. With a fixed installment payment pattern, it is easier for customers to manage individual finances while the credit is running.

The good news is that we can now deliver KTA Permata online through the PermataMobile X program. To get the program, customers can download and install it via the APP Store and Playstore.

The requirements for applying for Unsecured Credit from Bank Permata are very simple and easy to fulfill. The customer only needs to prepare documents to submit, namely KTP and NPWP.

Then the customer only needs to fill in the complete program online via PermataMobile X and submit the program. Interested in buying a low-interest KTA loan from Pemarta Bank online? Please read and pay attention to the requirements for applying for KTA online through PermataMobile X with a fast process.

4. Mandiri Bank

We can not only prioritize Bank Mandiri as a medium for financial business transactions. Apart from transferring and receiving funds, Bank Mandiri is popular because it has many credit products. Some of the most popular Credit Bank Mandiri products are Unsecured Credit and People’s Business Credit.

In the past, Berdikari introduced loans without collateral with the theme KTA Berdikari. Now this product is fresher called Credit Versatile Micro (KSM). KSM Mandiri exists with a maximum limit of up to 1 billion rupiah with a maximum tenor of 15 years. The time period that can be called long for Unsecured Credit service measures.

5. Panin Bank

As one of the private banks, Panin Bank increasingly has a place in the hearts of Indonesian citizens. We can show this with the inclusion of Panin Bank in the Row of Commercial Banks for Business Activities (BUKU) IV since March 2019.

Through Quick Credit, Panin Bank offers low interest KTA with an online application process and easy terms. Quick Credit interest rates start from 0.88% to 1.29% flat / month. Panin Bank Quick Credit is available with a ceiling starting from IDR 3 million to IDR 500 million. Tenor options are 12, 24, and 36 months. You can apply for a fast credit loan to meet various financial needs.

Reasonable financial needs are covered, such as wedding expenses, house renovations, picnic expenses, buying a motorbike, and so on. Currently you can also apply for KTA Panin Bank online directly through the official website.