The importance of the closing sentence in a cover letter

The final sentence ends the main part of your application. He includes the request for an interview in your cover letter. Depending on the position you are applying for, the closing sentence of an application can be worded differently.

  • One of the most common formulations is, for example: “I am pleased about an invitation to a personal interview/interview.”
  • Do not formulate in the possibility form (subjunctive)! Expressions like “would”, “could” etc. are too vague.
  • Write with a positive anticipation, such as: “I’m looking forward to your positive answer” or “I’m glad that you’re interested” or “I’m glad you’re interested and looking forward to a personal job interview”. This conveys openness and a healthy, friendly basic attitude.
  • However, be careful when formulating expectations. This could put pressure on the HR manager. Such negative phrases would be “When can I call you?” or “When may I introduce myself to you?”
  • Also, avoid overly original closing sentences. There is a great danger that the wrong sentence will blow up the entire application.
  • The final sentence in applications must not be formulated too complicated. It may contain a maximum of two subordinate clauses and may not span more than two lines.

In general it can be said that you should not use a standard sentence for the final formulation, but try to find a personal, natural variant.

Examples for the final sentence of your application

You can use the following formulations as the final sentence for your application:

  • “I am pleased that you are giving me the opportunity to convince you of my strengths in a personal conversation.”
  • “I look forward to a personal invitation to an interview and am happy to answer any questions that may arise.”
  • “I appreciate your interest and am happy to answer any further questions you may have in a personal meeting.”
  • “Have I aroused your interest? If so, I look forward to an initial conversation with you.”
  • “I am awaiting your reply with interest and would be pleased if you would take the time for a personal conversation.”
  • “I am looking forward to a first personal meeting, to which I will of course bring all my documents with me.”
  • “If I have aroused your interest and you are looking for a committed employee, I would be happy to come to a personal interview.”
  • You may also formulate more directly if it suits you: “The job is my dream job – please give me the opportunity to further explain my suitability in a personal interview.”
  • A closing sentence also includes essential information, such as: “From … to … I will be on vacation and during this time I can only be reached via my cell phone number ….”

I wish you success!

Other author: Dr. Kathrin Kiss-Elder