The career aspiration of a police officer – requirements for this job

If you want to realize your career aspirations as a police officer, you have to meet a number of requirements.

  • As a police officer in Germany, you must have German citizenship or that of another EU country.
  • Your criminal record must be absolutely clean and you must have a distinguished record of righteousness.
  • In addition to having a driver’s license, a certain height and age are also prerequisites for an application.

Curriculum vitae in the form of an essay – this is how the application to the police succeeds

  • Unlike a company application, you must formulate your CV in the form of an essay for the police. This can cause some uncertainty because it is not the most common type of application.
  • First of all, you should write down your professional career on a separate piece of paper to help you think about it. Important information here is the school education, the school leaving certificate and, if applicable, already learned professions or a completed degree. You should also write down internships and experiences for your CV.
  • Once you have recorded all the stages of your professional career, you should put them in chronological order. Starting with the school education, the (probable) school leaving certificate, the internships and experiences, etc.
  • Once you have all of this information written down on a scratch pad, you can start drafting. Tell a story about your life, but make sure you write factually throughout.
  • Start with your date of birth and then move on to schooling. At the end you can go into relevant hobbies that qualify you for work in the police force. Physical fitness is of particular importance here, so feel free to mention sporting successes.
  • The CV should not be too long and should get to the heart of the important stages of your life.
  • Be sure to pay attention to grammar and spelling, because the essay form of the CV is also intended to test how well you are familiar with the German language.