BONSERNEWS.com – Gen Z and Millennials are starting to be interested in investing, marked by the large number of young investors turning to mutual funds and gold as investment options.

According to the 2022 survey, 34 percent of Gen Z and 38 percent of Millennials are interested or have already invested, with gold still being the top priority, with mutual funds also increasingly in demand.

Interest in investing in gold and mutual funds follows the preferences of young investors looking for more stable and secure investment options.

Mutual funds that offer diversified assets with moderate capital and are professionally managed by investment managers are an attractive choice for young investors.

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On the other hand, gold is seen as a safe haven asset that can protect against market volatility and inflation. Both also include investments with a low risk profile making them suitable for young investors who are beginners.

Responding to the growing interest in investing in gold and mutual funds, Blibli partnered with Pluang and Seeds to launch Blibli Invest.

This latest feature is here to make it easy for customers to shop (spending) and invest (investing) in one integrated and trusted ecosystem.

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“Together with Pluang and Bibit.id, Blibli wants to provide an investment experience that is definitely safer, easier and rewarding for young investors so that they are more courageous in starting and confident investing for the future,” said the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Digital Product & Automotive. Category Blibli, Lay Ridwan Gautama, Sunday 19 March 2023.

Blibli wants to be a support system for customers in their daily routines and also help them achieve bigger dreams. With easy access, affordability and security provided by Blibli Invest.

“We hope to help accelerate investment culture among Indonesia’s younger generation.” he said.

What’s interesting, Blibli Invest offers 4 various benefits for customers and young investors, including:

1. For you, the generation that dares to invest, get the opportunity to invest in Blibli