Psychological aptitude test, some things you can hardly practice

When it comes to retraining, the employment office always wants to be on the safe side that you will later be able to practice the job that you are learning at the expense of the office. A health check is part of it and of course a psychological aptitude test. This does not only apply to professions in geriatric care:

  • The test usually includes different areas that test your feeling for language and numbers. It’s not about spelling or arithmetic, it’s about whether you can recognize connections. Example: house is to door like yard to (gate, car, street), or you have to continue a series of numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 ……
  • Similar tasks also come your way, having to arrange symbols – that is, triangles, circles, squares that are partially filled – in a logical row.
  • As a rule, these tests also ask about your spatial imagination as a standard. You have to count the outer surfaces of drawn bodies or decide which bodies are stable and which are not.

These tests are designed to assess your suitability. They don’t have much to do with your specific career aspirations. In geriatric care, no technicians are wanted, they just try to find out something about you in general, and a psychological aptitude test always serves to test your ability and willingness to deal with unfamiliar instructions. This part of the test is about difficult to practice.

Future geriatric nurses should practice this for the test at the employment office

  • A large part of the test at the employment office consists of arithmetic problems. You should, if you have a weakness in this regard, repeat the basic arithmetic operations. Percentage calculations are also always tested.
  • You should also master simple word problems. There are many websites with problems and solutions in mathematics on the internet. The material of the 8th and 9th grade is important.
  • Most of the time, you will also have to write an essay that revolves around the topic of elder care. You may also be asked at the end of the test what you remember from the beginning of the test.
  • Keep in mind that, especially in the field of geriatric care, it is not about filtering out the best from a large number of applicants, but that the aptitude test is only intended to find those who are unsuitable and will probably not succeed in the job.

A psychological aptitude test is not a knowledge test, it is about testing your attention, your willingness and your resilience. Nevertheless, these tests are quite similar to the usual recruitment tests and it is certainly an advantage if you take a look at such tests. When taking the test at the employment office, keep this in mind: It is also about your stamina, do not drop out if you have the feeling that the test is too difficult.