BONSERNEWS.com – In 1995, mutual funds were known in Indonesia, until 1996 was the year of their rapid development, mutual funds were a means of investment in the capital market.

The development of mutual fund products in Indonesia is relatively rapid. According to the main director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEi) Ito Warsito, during the first quarter of 2013 the value of industrial assets managed mutual funds increased to IDR 187.962 trillion, an increase of 12.72 percent from the same period the previous year of IDR 166.751 trillion.

Sharia mutual funds are actually almost the same as other mutual funds, namely Investor Money is collected in a container, where the money will be managed professionally by the Investment Manager (MI). the difference lies in the management.

In addition to complying with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), sharia mutual funds must also follow the provisions of the Fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) which comply with standards in managing sharia-type mutual funds. Now for non-sharia mutual funds, they also comply with the provisions of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), but the difference is that this type of mutual fund has any investment system without having to follow other provisions.

The type of sharia-based mutual fund investment is the application of seeds. A number of sharia mutual fund products in the Seeds application. In equity sharia mutual funds, there are Manulife Syariah Sectoral Amanah Class A, Mandiri Investas Attractive-Syariah, and TRIM Syariah Shares.

For sharia bond mutual funds, there is the Bahana MES Syariah Fund, Indonesian State Sukuk Majoris, and Eastspring Syariah Fixed Income Amanah Class A.
Meanwhile, in money market sharia mutual funds, there are Sucorinvest Sharia Money Market Fund, Schroders Shariah Liquid Fund, and BNI-AM Sharia Current Fund.

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The Seeds application allows you to invest legally and at the same time give charity. How can you invest while doing charity through Islamic mutual funds?

This is because there is a main feature that exists in Islamic mutual funds but not in conventional mutual funds, namely the cleansing feature or the process of cleaning mutual funds from income that does not comply with sharia principles. Later, the proceeds will be used for charitable purposes.