BONSERNEWS.com – Investment is the best way to achieve financial goals in the future, by investing, of course, make your future needs feel prepared.

Investments can be made after having a savings fund for emergencies. One of the goals of investment is to meet future needs.

From this understanding, it can be said that the main keyword of investment is the long term.

Generally, people who invest are expecting the funds invested to return and benefit after a period of approximately 3-5 years.

Investments can be made with a small amount of capital, even shares can be made only with capital starting from Rp. 50,000. Here are some types of investments that are suitable for beginners.

1. Gold Investment

Gold is a type of goods whose price tends to rise, gold is also easy to cash into cash at any time. Investment in gold can be used as a long-term investment, apart from not experiencing losses.

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This investment can also be started with small capital, for example by starting this investment through a gold installment program at a pawnshop or other financial institution.

2. Mutual funds

As a place to accommodate and channel funds from investors, which later these funds will be invested in a portfolio of securities (a combination of several securities) by the investment manager (MI).

The funds will be placed on the money market, which will determine which shares to buy to make a profit.