Bank East Java (East Java) online loans are not that familiar to our ears. Although in fact as a Regional Development Bank (BPD) East Java Bank is quite wise in following the changing times.

No less than state-owned banks which offer unsecured loans, East Java BPD Bank is open to be able to apply for loans online. Through the East Java Bank e-form service, it provides an opportunity for residents to apply for online loans, including collateral debt for house certificates.

The presence of the East Java Bank e-form service really helps customers. Good at replicating loans or applying for loans.

Bank Jawa Timur categorizes applying for online loans into three types, namely consumer loans, working capital loans and investment loans.

KMK Bank Jawa Timur is designated as short-term debt to debtors as working/business capital funding during a business transition. Investment Loans are a productive funding facility from Bank Jatim with medium to long periods of time.

Investment Loans can only be used to meet investment needs such as purchasing machinery, improving business projects, etc.

Meanwhile, Bank Jatim Consumption Credit is intended for individual or individual customers with efficient use of funding to meet consumptive needs.

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5 Types of Bank Jatim Loans Can Be Online

5 Types of Bank Jatim Loans Can Be Online

Here are five types of consumer loans at Bank Jatim that you can submit online through the Bank Jatim e-form service:

1. Property Ownership Credit

Property Ownership Credit is a funding facility intended for the purchase of buildings in the form of landed houses, residential houses, or shophouses. One of the advantages of Bank BJB Property Ownership Credit is that it has easy and competitive interest rates, and a time period of up to 20 years.

This special Bank Jatim loan to buy property is intended for customers who have regular or irregular income. For example, such as PNS/ CPNS/ TNI/ POLRI, private employees, directors, commissioners, to entrepreneurs.

Some of the requirements for submitting a KPP Bank East Java, one of which is a photocopy of husband and wife’s KTP, Work Decree, letter of reference from the head of the institution. Information on income, Power of attorney for deductions from wages, and letter of acknowledgment of ability to pay loan installments.

2. Bank Jatim Multipurpose Loans

The Bank Jatim Multipurpose Loan is different from unsecured debt, the reason is that applying must include a decree on hiring permanent employees and the latest decree. Even so, the East Java Bank Multipurpose Loan does not require the prospective debtor to include collateral, either a land certificate or a Car BPKB.

Not much different from Property Ownership Credit. Multipurpose loans can be offered by PNS/TNI/POLRI, private employees, to retirees or retirees. Even tools, contractors, and horror workers can apply for this one loan.

Unless the debt ceiling is equated with the debtor’s income, the advantage of Multipurpose Credit is that it can be repaid in installments for a period of up to 15 years. The requirements for multipurpose debt include a letter of recommendation from the head of the workplace, photocopies of KTP and KSK, Employee Identification Number, and Employee Card. Two matching color photos, appointment letter and the most recent decree, income statement letter from the treasurer of the workplace, and others.

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3. KPR Prosperous FLPP

For those of you who want to apply for a mortgage, you can also use the East Java Bank e-form. Bank BJB’s KPR Sejahtera FLPP funding product is one of the consumer loans that can be offered online.

KPR Sejahtera FLPP is specifically intended for low-income residents (MBR) to purchase landed and arranged houses. The stipulation is that the price of the landed house that will be purchased is a maximum of IDR 130 million. Or a maximum of Rp. 284 million to buy a house.

This mortgage from the Bank of East Java can be offered by the MBR for the purchase of a landed house. With a maximum income of IDR 4 million / month. At that time, specifically for buying houses, arrangements for customers with a maximum income of Rp. 7 million / month were still permitted.

4. Bank Jatim property-backed consumer loans

Property-Backed Consumption Credit (KKBP) is a funding facility from the Bank of East Java for meeting consumer needs (except buying houses). Collateral that can be used is in the form of a building with full ownership rights or SHM land on which the property will be made.

5. KKB Bank Jatim Loans

For those of you who want to buy a motorbike on credit, the East Java Bank’s Motor Vehicle Loans can now be offered online. You can use the East Java Bank KKB to buy a new motorbike or car, or a used car.

The time period offered by Bank Jawa Timur is determined based on the type and condition of the vehicle. For the purchase of a new car, the time period is up to 72 months. The maximum remaining car loan period is 60 months. As for buying a new motorbike, the tenor is up to 60 months.

East Java Bank KKB is intended for customers with status as PNS/TNI/POLRI, self-employed, professionals, to private employees. Some of the requirements for applying for a KKB loan include a photocopy of husband and wife’s KTP, photocopy of family card and marriage certificate. Job info letter, income info letter, and other documents in accordance with the provisions.