Applying for an online loan through a tenor site is longer than accessing credit through a program, even though it’s the same market, the process melts quickly. If applying for an online money loan through a program, it requires the prospective borrower to install the application first, different things from funding via the web. At a minimum, you don’t have to bother taking and installing programs that can add a heavier load to your cellphone.

On the other hand, each online loan program usually asks for permission to connect to the user’s cellphone starting from GPS access, camera, to friendship contacts. Because of this, for some people, online loans through websites are now being decided more and more because of security factors.

As we know, Fintech P2P Lending or what is more popular with online loan calls has appeared a lot. The P2P fintech service allows residents to get direct liquid loans through an online mechanism either through a program or website.

However, we need to see if the number of Indonesian citizens who are interested in applying for loans online, has also created dangerous risks and threats. One of those terrors is the proliferation of illegal fintechs promoting high-interest online loans and arrogant collection mechanisms.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for online loans through the site, be more vigilant and make sure that the company is under the supervision of the OJK. By choosing a P2P Lending operator that is registered with the OJK, at least you will be safer dealing with bill debt collectors and avoid spreading data.

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Liquid Fast Online Loans Via Web 2022

Liquid Fast Online Loans Via Web 2022

Below are 5 fast liquid online loans via the website that you can apply directly via the web without having to install the application:

1. Fund Tree – Long Tenor Peer to Peer Lending

Tree funds are online loans that you can submit directly via the web. Unlike most loans, which require the prospective borrower to install the program first. You can do the registration process and apply for a Tree Fund loan directly through the official website.

Even so, Tree Funds provides a program if loyal consumers are more familiar with applying for loans through the program. So there are two systems for registering and requesting a Dana Tree online loan, namely through the web directly or through a program that you can install via Playstore.

Like most P2P Lending, Tree Funds has two services at the same time, namely credit lending and placement of funds. So you can apply for a loan online or place some money to provide bailouts for borrowers through the Fund Tree.

2. Fintech Asakita – Live Online Submissions

online loan website If your funding needs are for consumptive purposes, fast disbursement of online loans through the Asakita website is the right answer. The reason is that Asakita fintech markets loans for all needs by applying online via the web without installing a program.

Asakita’s products are divided into two loans, namely Asalite and Topindo Paylater. Asalite is a cash loan with a limit starting from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 3 million. While Topindo Paylater is a special service for Topindo users.

Asalite online loans are really suitable for those of you who are looking for fast disbursement of funds because the process of submitting is directly through the site and there is no need to install a program. The requirements for applying for an Asakita loan include Indonesian citizens aged 21 – 55 years, and have a bank account and have a steady income as a source of loan payments.

3. Aktivaku Loans – Online Application via Web

The Aktivaku website is perfect when you are looking for a long tenor online loan that you can submit through the site. Just go to www.aktavaku.com. You can immediately register and apply for an online loan through that site.

Aktivaku is an online loan marketplace that has been registered and has received OJK monitoring, so it is quite safe and most trusted for us to use. Apart from looking for a loan, you can also invest with a return of 14% per year through capital to the borrower.

Every individual, employee or business owner can apply for a loan through Aktivaku. But because of Aktivaku’s lending pattern as a marketplace, unless you get an agreement, each submitter must also obtain capital from lenders. In contrast to direct online loans, the process of disbursing funds is carried out within 14 working days after broadcasting your loan application on the Aktivaku website.

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4. Fintag Loans – Web Application

Fintag is a technology finance company that opens opportunities for users to get loans online directly via the web. Apart from that, this fintech from PT Fintegra Homindo Indonesia provides opportunities for users to make capital.

Unlike consumer funding, Fintag online loans are specifically given to business actors with a working capital credit system. That way fintag funding has a productive nature and its utilization can only be used for working capital needs.

If you need a loan to buy consumer goods, this is not the place here. But if you need an online loan for working capital needs, Fintag is the right choice because the funds are disbursed quickly and apply directly through the site.

5. Kontanku – Online Loan Via Web 2 Days Melts Directly

You can also apply for a loan via the web via Kontanku fintech. This fintech platform acts as a link between the owner of the funds and the loan seeker, especially for business capital or employee loans.

By using an in-depth creditworthiness assessment mechanism, Kontanku is appropriate for you to choose as a place to apply for online loans via a direct site. Plus companies under PT. PAM Finance Technology has pocketed a certificate of registration from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Kontanku online loans offer credit limits ranging from IDR 2 million to IDR 2 billion with long tenors from three months to 12 months. Business capital funding and employee loans do play an important role in the continuity of a business. The presence of Kontanku is a new choice for entrepreneurs looking for bailouts to increase business turnover.