The rise of online lending providers provides various options for people who need fast funds. Among them, if we need online money loans that can be paid in installments every month. The loan program is indeed not a strange thing in our daily lives, even now there are more than 100 Fintech Peer to Peer Lending which has been registered and licensed by OJK. One of the online loan bases that has been registered with the OJK is Kredito.

Kredito is a financial technology company that provides online money loans that can be paid in monthly installments.

Through the Kredito program, we can borrow money with a repayment mechanism that can be paid in installments of up to three months.

Interested in applying for an online loan for employees through Kredito? Or online loans for students?

Come on, read the complete discussion of how to borrow money through Credito below. It is undeniable, the number of online loan programs has made it easy for us. Especially when choosing the best online loan service for individual needs.

Yes, although not all offer loans with repayments that can be paid in monthly installments. At least the online loan options are now more diverse. Even so, generally online loans through fintech are sold for short periods. Starting from 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, up to 30 days.

At that time, for those of us who entrusted our monthly wages as a source of loan repayments, of course it was really hard to return funds in a matter of days. What if the wages we receive are too short to meet individual needs for one month.

The mechanism for paying off a loan once paid off is of course quite burdensome and can disrupt the family economy. Following are the reasons why online loans that can be paid in installments can be the best alternative for us.

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Advantages of Credit Online Loans

Advantages of Credit Online Loans

Luckily, nowadays there are quite a few online money lenders who dare to give loans with a monthly installment payment mechanism.

Among them is Credito. Credit is a loan that can be repaid every month. This online loan base is held by PT Fintek Digital Indonesia.

First, employee installment loans intended for prospective borrowers with employment status as employees. The online loan limit for employees is between 1 million and 3 million with a tenor of 1 to three months.

Second, student installment loans intended to meet student needs. Today’s students no longer need to be confused about finding bailouts because there are already online loans for students.

Third, business installment loans that are given to borrowers with work status as entrepreneurs. You can apply for a Credito loan to expand an existing business.

If you meet the terms and conditions above. This means that you have the opportunity to get an online money loan that can be paid in installments / month through the Kredito program.

Kredito is an online money lending base that can be paid in installments every month. You can apply for a loan with a period of 3 months. Apart from being relieved by the monthly installment payment mechanism, the process and requirements for borrowing money through Credito are easy.

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Steps to Apply for an Online Loan at Kredito

The steps to borrow money through Credito can generally be carried out with the following steps:

1. Install the Credito Application

First, to get a loan that can be paid in installments via Credito. You must download and install the Kredito program on your smartphone. The trick is really easy, you just have to search for the Kredito program via the Google Play-Store or App Store, then install it.

2. Account Registration

The second step, please open a credit loan program. Because of that you will be directed to the initial appearance, please specify the button “Get Now“.

Define menus”List“, Then do the registration by entering the cellphone number. Then enter the OTP code that was sent to your cellphone number. Create a password, and invitation code if any.

Define button “List” and continue by logging in using the number and password that was created then specify the button “Enter“.

3. Complete Personal Information

To get an online money loan that can be paid in installments at Kredito, you must complete individual information. One of the data contains the full name, e-KTP number, and e-mail address of the individual.

Complete the status of home ownership, and the right time to be contacted by the Credito faction. If the individual loan information form is complete for the first time, please specify “so on“.

4. Fill out the Job Form

Next, you will be asked to fill in job information and the company where you work. Please specify the job and business sector, complete the company name and then specify the type of company.

Continue by selecting your position, the amount of net income / month, until the date of acceptance of wages. Complete the loan application form regarding the address and telephone number of the company where you work, then select the button “so on“.

5. Complete Emergency Contact Data

At this stage you will be asked to provide some data on the closest person as an urgent contact. You can fill it in by providing the names of your parents, close friends, work partners, or college partners.

Please specify the relationship status and enter the full name and cellphone number that can be contacted. Please write down two critical contacts such as Credito loan provisions.