BONSERNEWS.com – Investments are currently being echoed by many people. So investment is certainly no stranger to you, right?

In addition to ordinary people who hype about the investment. There are also many artists who always share things about investment, one of which is Raditya Dika!

Raditya Dika himself is certainly widely known by people, he is a comedian, artist, vlogger, writer, director.

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So, this time BONSERNEWS will share 7 tips for investing in Raditya Dika’s style. It is suitable for you Newbies or those who already understand investment. Check it out below, OK!

1. The more income, the more responsible for money

The more we have more income means we have to be more responsible for the money we have. From there Radit began to learn about the necessity of having investment goals.

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2. Learn step by step from mutual funds to stocks

After learning the basics about investing, Radit then changed his deposit investment to a more complex investment instrument, namely mutual funds.

Getting deeper into investing, he also decided to start having a personal stock account and started investing in stocks.

3. Keep calm when the investment goes down

When the crisis occurred in 2008, Radit had started investing in stocks. Of course, the stock price at that time dropped extraordinarily. But Raditya Dika has a calm demeanor when dealing with it because he knows his investment goal is for the long term.

4. Purchase investment instruments according to the purpose