BONSERNEWS.com – Investment, for economic actors is considered as a way to rotate money or capital with the aim of profit.

By investing, economic actors know how to use their money to enter the money market through investment.

In contrast to saving, this is very contradictory even though there are some similarities, namely profit, where the money we save at the bank does not all generate promising interest, because there is also interest generated from saving whose nominal value is less than the administration fee per month.

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Of course we don’t want this when we want to invest with money.

So, now how can we save and invest? yes, of course through Mutual Funds.

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Mutual funds are an alternative way to save as well as invest and most importantly, they are cheap and easy.

As digital-based economic activities develop, many platforms now provide Mutual Fund investment features, from banks, e-commerce to e-wallet applications, which also provide Mutual Fund features.

We can also choose the categorization of Mutual Funds on the basis of our suitability and needs, starting from stocks, conventional, capital market, sharia and mixed.

With a minimum capital of 100 thousand you are already an investor who has a diversified portfolio such as stocks and bonds.

If you are interested in investing through Mutual Funds, there are lots of platform providers that provide a variety of features according to your suitability and needs.

It is recommended for beginners who want to try investing while saving in Mutual Funds either in the long or short term to pay attention to the spread platforms. The following are mutual fund investment platforms that are safe and trusted among beginners: