5 Fast Liquid Online Loans Via Web Long Tenor in 2022


Applying for an online loan through a tenor site is longer than accessing credit through a program, even though it’s the same market, the process melts quickly. If applying for an online money loan through a program, it requires the prospective borrower to install the application first, different things from funding via the web. At a minimum, you don’t have to bother taking and installing programs that can add a heavier load to your cellphone.

On the other hand, each online loan program usually asks for permission to connect to the user’s cellphone starting from GPS access, camera, to friendship contacts. Because of this, for some people, online loans through websites are now being decided more and more because of security factors.

As we know, Fintech P2P Lending or what is more popular with online loan calls has appeared a lot. The P2P fintech service allows residents to get direct liquid loans through an online mechanism either through a program or website.

However, we need to see if the number of Indonesian citizens who are interested in applying for loans online, has also created dangerous risks and threats. One of those terrors is the proliferation of illegal fintechs promoting high-interest online loans and arrogant collection mechanisms.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for online loans through the site, be more vigilant and make sure that the company is under the supervision of the OJK. By choosing a P2P Lending operator that is registered with the OJK, at least you will be safer dealing with bill debt collectors and avoid spreading data.

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Liquid Fast Online Loans Via Web 2022

Liquid Fast Online Loans Via Web 2022

Below are 5 fast liquid online loans via the website that you can apply directly via the web without having to install the application:

1. Fund Tree – Long Tenor Peer to Peer Lending

Tree funds are online loans that you can submit directly via the web. Unlike most loans, which require the prospective borrower to install the program first. You can do the registration process and apply for a Tree Fund loan directly through the official website.

Even so, Tree Funds provides a program if loyal consumers are more familiar with applying for loans through the program. So there are two systems for registering and requesting a Dana Tree online loan, namely through the web directly or through a program that you can install via Playstore.

Like most P2P Lending, Tree Funds has two services at the same time, namely credit lending and placement of funds. So you can apply for a loan online or place some money to provide bailouts for borrowers through the Fund Tree.

2. Fintech Asakita – Live Online Submissions

online loan website If your funding needs are for consumptive purposes, fast disbursement of online loans through the Asakita website is the right answer. The reason is that Asakita fintech markets loans for all needs by applying online via the web without installing a program.

Asakita’s products are divided into two loans, namely Asalite and Topindo Paylater. Asalite is a cash loan with a limit starting from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 3 million. While Topindo Paylater is a special service for Topindo users.

Asalite online loans are really suitable for those of you who are looking for fast disbursement of funds because the process of submitting is directly through the site and there is no need to install a program. The requirements for applying for an Asakita loan include Indonesian citizens aged 21 – 55 years, and have a bank account and have a steady income as a source of loan payments.

3. Aktivaku Loans – Online Application via Web

The Aktivaku website is perfect when you are looking for a long tenor online loan that you can submit through the site. Just go to www.aktavaku.com. You can immediately register and apply for an online loan through that site.

Aktivaku is an online loan marketplace that has been registered and has received OJK monitoring, so it is quite safe and most trusted for us to use. Apart from looking for a loan, you can also invest with a return of 14% per year through capital to the borrower.

Every individual, employee or business owner can apply for a loan through Aktivaku. But because of Aktivaku’s lending pattern as a marketplace, unless you get an agreement, each submitter must also obtain capital from lenders. In contrast to direct online loans, the process of disbursing funds is carried out within 14 working days after broadcasting your loan application on the Aktivaku website.

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4. Fintag Loans – Web Application

Fintag is a technology finance company that opens opportunities for users to get loans online directly via the web. Apart from that, this fintech from PT Fintegra Homindo Indonesia provides opportunities for users to make capital.

Unlike consumer funding, Fintag online loans are specifically given to business actors with a working capital credit system. That way fintag funding has a productive nature and its utilization can only be used for working capital needs.

If you need a loan to buy consumer goods, this is not the place here. But if you need an online loan for working capital needs, Fintag is the right choice because the funds are disbursed quickly and apply directly through the site.

5. Kontanku – Online Loan Via Web 2 Days Melts Directly

You can also apply for a loan via the web via Kontanku fintech. This fintech platform acts as a link between the owner of the funds and the loan seeker, especially for business capital or employee loans.

By using an in-depth creditworthiness assessment mechanism, Kontanku is appropriate for you to choose as a place to apply for online loans via a direct site. Plus companies under PT. PAM Finance Technology has pocketed a certificate of registration from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Kontanku online loans offer credit limits ranging from IDR 2 million to IDR 2 billion with long tenors from three months to 12 months. Business capital funding and employee loans do play an important role in the continuity of a business. The presence of Kontanku is a new choice for entrepreneurs looking for bailouts to increase business turnover.

How to Delete Personal Data from Loan Companies (Online Loans)


In posting on this occasion I will share a guide to deleting important personal privacy data from loan services. For those of you who are aware of the priority of data privacy and have become addicts to online loan or online credit programs in the past, you can follow the method I have reviewed here.

The presence of online loan programs and online credit looks quite attractive coupled with good offers wrapped in usury. This is certain that their service was registered or was previously registered by the OJK, but it is not a guarantee if our data is completely safe.

Many bad actors sell our personal data and abuse it illegally without the permission of the data owner. Some of those related include contact lists, ID card selfie photos, KK photos, etc. Therefore, former addicts to online lending and online credit programs who feel uncomfortable with sending spam have started looking for ways to secure their data so that they are free from SMS/phone spam from an annoying service.

Here are some tips for deleting important personal data from loan services or online loans. You can also limit loan programs so that they don’t connect to your contact list all the time.

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Removing Privacy Data From Online Loan Applications

Many people seek online loans for urgent needs or because they need funds. They believe they can return the loan based on the agreed tenor. However, they don’t know what will happen to their personal data in the hands of the loan company they use.

We know how the online loan mechanism works, especially for customers who do not pay installments even though they are actually due. The steps commonly taken by loan officers are to call the customer’s number several dozen times in one minute.

Not only that, programs installed on Android smartphones can also access contact list information. The loan officer will later be able to notify via short message if you have unpaid debts on these numbers.

It can be said that most of our personal data is held by the borrower faction, including a list of cell phone contacts, scans of KTP, KK, SIM NPWP and others. Some of this data is very prone to being misused by bad actors to be marketed or registered on other services illegally without the permission of the original data owner.

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The Dangers of Installing Online Loan Applications

Removing Privacy Data From Online Loan Applications

Just installing the loan application on an Android smartphone is risky because you give permission to the program to access the contact list, let alone make loans online.

1. Debt-ridden

Be careful that you don’t get into debt problems. This is especially true for illegal loan services that are not registered with the OJK as fintech companies that are not legally licensed. Of course it’s more risky for you personally who use it.

Apart from the grave sin of entering into usury practices, applying for online loans to illegal fintech companies has a detrimental effect, especially in the distortion of personal data after the customer has completed all the required filed documents before the loan can be disbursed.

2. Risk of Data Theft

The loan program that you install on your Android smartphone gets permission to connect some personal data of the prospective borrower (remember, new candidate). The list of active contacts on your smartphone is very valuable and can be marketed to other companies.

Customers who are in arrears or experience problems in paying installment credit often get terror from loan factions regarding personal data irregularities which of course can really destroy the good name of these customers.

There are many examples of fintech that used to be legal now becomes illegal. That’s why you have to check on the OJK website manually. Generally, if the fintech service that you use is under the supervision of the OJK, of course our personal data is only used in the proposed creditworthiness research.

However, it still doesn’t demand the opportunity that there are bad actors in every company.

3. Very High Interest

Online loan companies usually apply very high and unusual interest to their customers because of the ease in which the process is provided. This is what makes customers less careful in paying attention to the terms and conditions stated in an agreement.

In the end, the customer is in debt and has difficulty paying installments. Therefore, before deciding to borrow from fintech services, you should think carefully first. If you still have relatives, try borrowing money from them first and make the loan program the last option.

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Things to Look For Before Deleting Data From Loan Companies

If you want privacy data removed from the loan company, then you have to pay all loans and interest. In the initial agreement, you must really understand the loan agreement so that you don’t have problems later.

There are many customers who pay loans continuously from the beginning, only borrowing IDR 500,000. In the end, the number of bills can reach millions due to extending the tenor or fines due to overdue terms.

Even your contact list on your cellphone (family, friends, co-workers) who has no relationship is really disturbed if you avoid paying credit obligations. Your good name will be tarnished both in the family environment, work environment or community environment.

5 Ways to Apply for Online Loans at Kredito, Installments Can Be Up To 3 Months


The rise of online lending providers provides various options for people who need fast funds. Among them, if we need online money loans that can be paid in installments every month. The loan program is indeed not a strange thing in our daily lives, even now there are more than 100 Fintech Peer to Peer Lending which has been registered and licensed by OJK. One of the online loan bases that has been registered with the OJK is Kredito.

Kredito is a financial technology company that provides online money loans that can be paid in monthly installments.

Through the Kredito program, we can borrow money with a repayment mechanism that can be paid in installments of up to three months.

Interested in applying for an online loan for employees through Kredito? Or online loans for students?

Come on, read the complete discussion of how to borrow money through Credito below. It is undeniable, the number of online loan programs has made it easy for us. Especially when choosing the best online loan service for individual needs.

Yes, although not all offer loans with repayments that can be paid in monthly installments. At least the online loan options are now more diverse. Even so, generally online loans through fintech are sold for short periods. Starting from 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, up to 30 days.

At that time, for those of us who entrusted our monthly wages as a source of loan repayments, of course it was really hard to return funds in a matter of days. What if the wages we receive are too short to meet individual needs for one month.

The mechanism for paying off a loan once paid off is of course quite burdensome and can disrupt the family economy. Following are the reasons why online loans that can be paid in installments can be the best alternative for us.

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Advantages of Credit Online Loans

Advantages of Credit Online Loans

Luckily, nowadays there are quite a few online money lenders who dare to give loans with a monthly installment payment mechanism.

Among them is Credito. Credit is a loan that can be repaid every month. This online loan base is held by PT Fintek Digital Indonesia.

First, employee installment loans intended for prospective borrowers with employment status as employees. The online loan limit for employees is between 1 million and 3 million with a tenor of 1 to three months.

Second, student installment loans intended to meet student needs. Today’s students no longer need to be confused about finding bailouts because there are already online loans for students.

Third, business installment loans that are given to borrowers with work status as entrepreneurs. You can apply for a Credito loan to expand an existing business.

If you meet the terms and conditions above. This means that you have the opportunity to get an online money loan that can be paid in installments / month through the Kredito program.

Kredito is an online money lending base that can be paid in installments every month. You can apply for a loan with a period of 3 months. Apart from being relieved by the monthly installment payment mechanism, the process and requirements for borrowing money through Credito are easy.

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Steps to Apply for an Online Loan at Kredito

The steps to borrow money through Credito can generally be carried out with the following steps:

1. Install the Credito Application

First, to get a loan that can be paid in installments via Credito. You must download and install the Kredito program on your smartphone. The trick is really easy, you just have to search for the Kredito program via the Google Play-Store or App Store, then install it.

2. Account Registration

The second step, please open a credit loan program. Because of that you will be directed to the initial appearance, please specify the button “Get Now“.

Define menus”List“, Then do the registration by entering the cellphone number. Then enter the OTP code that was sent to your cellphone number. Create a password, and invitation code if any.

Define button “List” and continue by logging in using the number and password that was created then specify the button “Enter“.

3. Complete Personal Information

To get an online money loan that can be paid in installments at Kredito, you must complete individual information. One of the data contains the full name, e-KTP number, and e-mail address of the individual.

Complete the status of home ownership, and the right time to be contacted by the Credito faction. If the individual loan information form is complete for the first time, please specify “so on“.

4. Fill out the Job Form

Next, you will be asked to fill in job information and the company where you work. Please specify the job and business sector, complete the company name and then specify the type of company.

Continue by selecting your position, the amount of net income / month, until the date of acceptance of wages. Complete the loan application form regarding the address and telephone number of the company where you work, then select the button “so on“.

5. Complete Emergency Contact Data

At this stage you will be asked to provide some data on the closest person as an urgent contact. You can fill it in by providing the names of your parents, close friends, work partners, or college partners.

Please specify the relationship status and enter the full name and cellphone number that can be contacted. Please write down two critical contacts such as Credito loan provisions.

List of the Best Online Unsecured Credit (KTA) Recommendations for 2022


The best online Unsecured Loans or KTA have now been held and there are many of the best that you can use in 2022. In fact, it’s not just Fintech that are currently open to applying for money loans online.

Apart from fintech, banks have also become one of the credible financial institutions that have started continuously offering credit without collateral online.

Although not all banks in Indonesia are open to apply for KTA online. At least there are already many important banks that offer to apply for KTA online.

Even so, not all online KTA are suitable for everyone to buy. Except for minor reasons, the magnitude of the program opportunity was agreed upon.

The requirements for submitting are special points that we need to think about before choosing unsecured credit online. The main thing is to choose credit without collateral, either online or offline, it must be in accordance with the circumstances of the prospective debtor.

As a simple example, if you don’t have a credit card, you should choose a KTA loan that can be offered without a credit card.

The reason is that if you choose to apply for credit, which requires the prospective debtor to include a photocopy of the credit card, of course your program will be rejected.

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List of the Best Online Unsecured Loan Recommendations for 2022

List of the Best Online Unsecured Loan Recommendations for 2022

The list below is 5 recommendations for the best online unsecured loans (KTA) for 2022. For those of you who are looking for a KTA loan and need it quickly.

1. KTA Amar Bank

Unsecured Loans from Amar Bank, a product called Tunaiku, is one of the most recommended online KTA facilities.

The process of submitting online with a 24-hour express agreement gives prospective debtors the opportunity to get cash loans quickly and safely.

Plus this online KTA without credit card requirements. Amar Bank provides an opportunity for employees who do not have a credit card to get credit without collateral.

KTA Amar Bank is the best online KTA alternative in 2022 for residents living in the areas of Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Sidoarjo, Gresik and Greater Jakarta.

Tunaiku online loans also enter outside Java, including places in Medan, Palembang, Makassar, Denpasar, Bali, to Pekanbaru. Here are a number of advantages of Amar Bank Unsecured Credit that we can convey online through the Tunaiku program and official websites.

2. Digibank KTA DBS Online

Digibank KTA is an online unsecured credit facility from Bank DBS with a limit of up to IDR 300 million with an online submission process. This online KTA was originally known as the DBS KTA or Close Friend Contribution Fund.

Apart from five large loans, KTA Digibank online has tenors ranging from 12, 24 to 36 months. Looking for unsecured online loans in Bandung and Surabaya? Digibank KTA is the answer, because this service covers the Jabodetabek, Bandung and Surabaya areas.

KTA DBS Digibank has many advantages that you can try. Here are a number of advantages of online Digibank Unsecured Credit.

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3. KTA TymeDigital – Commonwealth

KTA TymeDigital is an online Unsecured Credit from Commonwealth Bank for individual customers. This unsecured funding offers a limit starting from Rp. 10 million to Rp. 30 million.

While we can determine the payment period with installments of 12 and 18 months. Commonwealth unsecured loans online are the right choice for customers who need bailouts for various needs.

You can use KTA TymeDigital to meet individual needs such as health costs, home renovations, teaching, weddings, etc. To be honest, compared to Unsecured Credit services from other banks, KTA TymeDigital online has quite a lot of advantages.

4. Standard Chartered KTA Online

Standard Chartered Bank offers online Unsecured Credit with a limit of up to IDR 300 million. The best KTA facility from StanChard is perfect for an employee, entrepreneur, or professional who needs online collateral-free credit.

Standard Chartered Unsecured Credit is the best monthly installment online loan option because it is available with a tenor of 1-5 years. KTA Standard Chartered Online deserves your reason as the best KTA product with various advantages.

5. Keb Hana KTA

You can also make Keb Hana KTA an Unsecured Credit option online now.

Keb Hana Bank provides collateral-free credit facilities with a maximum ceiling of up to 200 million rupiah. A flexible KTA tenor gives customers the flexibility to choose a credit period from 1-5 years.

What’s more special, Keb Hana Bank offers KTA without a credit card so there is no need for a credit card requirement when applying. It’s a big mistake if you think that online KTA loans without a credit card can only be done through fintech lending.

In fact, several banks, including Keb Hana, provide convenience for customers to connect to KTA without a credit card.

5 Bank Jatim Online Loans That Can Now Be Submitted From Home


Bank East Java (East Java) online loans are not that familiar to our ears. Although in fact as a Regional Development Bank (BPD) East Java Bank is quite wise in following the changing times.

No less than state-owned banks which offer unsecured loans, East Java BPD Bank is open to be able to apply for loans online. Through the East Java Bank e-form service, it provides an opportunity for residents to apply for online loans, including collateral debt for house certificates.

The presence of the East Java Bank e-form service really helps customers. Good at replicating loans or applying for loans.

Bank Jawa Timur categorizes applying for online loans into three types, namely consumer loans, working capital loans and investment loans.

KMK Bank Jawa Timur is designated as short-term debt to debtors as working/business capital funding during a business transition. Investment Loans are a productive funding facility from Bank Jatim with medium to long periods of time.

Investment Loans can only be used to meet investment needs such as purchasing machinery, improving business projects, etc.

Meanwhile, Bank Jatim Consumption Credit is intended for individual or individual customers with efficient use of funding to meet consumptive needs.

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5 Types of Bank Jatim Loans Can Be Online

5 Types of Bank Jatim Loans Can Be Online

Here are five types of consumer loans at Bank Jatim that you can submit online through the Bank Jatim e-form service:

1. Property Ownership Credit

Property Ownership Credit is a funding facility intended for the purchase of buildings in the form of landed houses, residential houses, or shophouses. One of the advantages of Bank BJB Property Ownership Credit is that it has easy and competitive interest rates, and a time period of up to 20 years.

This special Bank Jatim loan to buy property is intended for customers who have regular or irregular income. For example, such as PNS/ CPNS/ TNI/ POLRI, private employees, directors, commissioners, to entrepreneurs.

Some of the requirements for submitting a KPP Bank East Java, one of which is a photocopy of husband and wife’s KTP, Work Decree, letter of reference from the head of the institution. Information on income, Power of attorney for deductions from wages, and letter of acknowledgment of ability to pay loan installments.

2. Bank Jatim Multipurpose Loans

The Bank Jatim Multipurpose Loan is different from unsecured debt, the reason is that applying must include a decree on hiring permanent employees and the latest decree. Even so, the East Java Bank Multipurpose Loan does not require the prospective debtor to include collateral, either a land certificate or a Car BPKB.

Not much different from Property Ownership Credit. Multipurpose loans can be offered by PNS/TNI/POLRI, private employees, to retirees or retirees. Even tools, contractors, and horror workers can apply for this one loan.

Unless the debt ceiling is equated with the debtor’s income, the advantage of Multipurpose Credit is that it can be repaid in installments for a period of up to 15 years. The requirements for multipurpose debt include a letter of recommendation from the head of the workplace, photocopies of KTP and KSK, Employee Identification Number, and Employee Card. Two matching color photos, appointment letter and the most recent decree, income statement letter from the treasurer of the workplace, and others.

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3. KPR Prosperous FLPP

For those of you who want to apply for a mortgage, you can also use the East Java Bank e-form. Bank BJB’s KPR Sejahtera FLPP funding product is one of the consumer loans that can be offered online.

KPR Sejahtera FLPP is specifically intended for low-income residents (MBR) to purchase landed and arranged houses. The stipulation is that the price of the landed house that will be purchased is a maximum of IDR 130 million. Or a maximum of Rp. 284 million to buy a house.

This mortgage from the Bank of East Java can be offered by the MBR for the purchase of a landed house. With a maximum income of IDR 4 million / month. At that time, specifically for buying houses, arrangements for customers with a maximum income of Rp. 7 million / month were still permitted.

4. Bank Jatim property-backed consumer loans

Property-Backed Consumption Credit (KKBP) is a funding facility from the Bank of East Java for meeting consumer needs (except buying houses). Collateral that can be used is in the form of a building with full ownership rights or SHM land on which the property will be made.

5. KKB Bank Jatim Loans

For those of you who want to buy a motorbike on credit, the East Java Bank’s Motor Vehicle Loans can now be offered online. You can use the East Java Bank KKB to buy a new motorbike or car, or a used car.

The time period offered by Bank Jawa Timur is determined based on the type and condition of the vehicle. For the purchase of a new car, the time period is up to 72 months. The maximum remaining car loan period is 60 months. As for buying a new motorbike, the tenor is up to 60 months.

East Java Bank KKB is intended for customers with status as PNS/TNI/POLRI, self-employed, professionals, to private employees. Some of the requirements for applying for a KKB loan include a photocopy of husband and wife’s KTP, photocopy of family card and marriage certificate. Job info letter, income info letter, and other documents in accordance with the provisions.