Mutual Funds: Good or Risky Option?

[ad_1] – Mutual funds are not yet as popular as stocks or deposits. However, its development has steadily increased in the last 10 years. Understanding the risks involved is the key to investing in mutual funds.

Mutual funds are one of the people’s options for investing, apart from stocks, deposits or crypto. Mutual funds had soared when his name was often mentioned by comedian, Raditya Dika, as his choice of investment.

In many statements to the public, Raditya Dika often mentions mutual funds as one of his choices when it comes to saving money. Apart from mutual funds, Raditya Dika also mentions stocks and deposits as his investment places.

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Mutual funds are different from stocks or deposits in terms of asset management. In mutual funds, there is an investment manager who manages public money collected in mutual funds.

If in stocks or deposits, investors directly manage the shares. In mutual funds, the investment manager is the party that manages this mutual fund.

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Talking about investment risks, mutual funds present various risks. Some are low risk. However, there are also those who are at high risk.

Money market mutual funds are one that is said to have low risk. The return on assets or money in money market mutual funds is approximately only a year.

Meanwhile, stock mutual funds are said to have the highest risk. Stock fluctuations every day are very fast. This makes stock mutual funds in general only able to provide return on assets within 5 to 7 years.

The choice to save money in the form of mutual funds must pay attention to the capabilities and credibility of the chosen investment manager. Thoroughness in selecting and trusting investment managers is the key to success in mutual funds.

Mutual funds provide benefits for investors. Compared to stocks, mutual funds do not burden investors to intensely monitor economic developments. All problems and constraints in investment are fully managed by the investment manager.

Recently, it has become easier for people to choose mutual funds. You don’t need big funds to start investing in mutual funds.

All these advantages, still provide risk. Choosing mutual funds, means ready with all the risks.

Get to know Mutual Funds, Investment Instruments that are Safe, Profitable and Addictive

[ad_1] – The investment world has recently become the subject of conversation for all circles. From old to young, stocks to mutual funds. In the past, investment activities might not have been so attractive, but now many have glanced at them.

If you are too dizzy with stock investment, you should try looking at mutual fund instruments. Mutual funds are currently one of the most profitable investment instruments that are being eyed by novice investors.

When compared to deposits, interest on mutual funds is relatively higher. So
what about the risks? The risk of investing in mutual funds is also lower if you invest in stocks.

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However, if you want to get maximum returns, you must know how to invest in mutual funds
optimal. Here are some mutual fund investing tips for beginners:

a. Start investing with a small nominal

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Investing is an activity full of risks. Start with downside risk
to lose a value, it can happen. If you are just starting
investing in mutual fund instruments, it is highly recommended to start with
small denomination.

b. Always learn and improve your understanding of mutual funds

As with other investment instruments, you are also required to
Find out more about mutual funds. Actually, mutual funds are classified
as the easiest investment to manage.

Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy a profitable investment, you still
must equip yourself with the necessary knowledge before starting

Once you understand what mutual funds are and their types, you can too
develop your knowledge by learning things related to mutual funds.
For example, studying the factors that affect the ups and downs of a value
mutual funds

c. Improve investment experience

One thing can be learned directly if you are involved in it. So
also investment, through experience the knowledge that has been learned will be able to

Interested in Mutual Fund Investment? Check out the Risk and Profit and the Differences of Each Product

[ad_1] – Are you interested in investing in mutual funds but don’t understand what mutual funds are?

Mutual fund investment is perfect for those of you who don’t have enough time to do market analysis.

If described simply, mutual funds are a system of depositing funds from investors to investment managers who work in fund management companies.

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So, the money you invest will be managed by a professional investment manager.

Fund management is tailored to the mutual fund product you want. There are 3 mutual fund products, namely as follows.

1. Money market mutual funds
If you choose a money market mutual fund, then your investment funds will be channeled into money market products such as deposits, Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI), and Money Market Securities (SPBU).

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The rate of return for money market products is guaranteed and the amount of profit earned is not far from the prevailing interest rate.

So, money market mutual funds are suitable for those of you who want to invest with minimal risk. However, the possible profit value may be lower compared to other mutual funds.

The investment period for this product is better used for short term goals.

For example, if you intend to save for holiday funds at the end of the year, then you can open a money market mutual fund at the beginning of the year.

2. Fixed income mutual funds
Fixed income mutual funds are suitable for those of you who have medium-term investment goals.

If you buy a fixed income mutual fund, your funds will be invested in various types of debt securities (bonds).

Want a Stable Investment and Continuous Income? Let’s try Mutual Funds

[ad_1] – It’s never too late to start investing in 2023. If you haven’t made an investment yet, you can try various instruments such as stocks, gold, and even mutual funds.

Mutual funds are an investment model by collecting funds to be managed in various instruments such as bonds, stocks and other forms.

As for the many investment instruments, mutual funds are one of the right choices for novice investors who have just entered the investment world. This is because investors only need to choose the right investment manager to manage their investment funds.

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The following are some tips for those of you who want to choose mutual funds as an investment vehicle. What are they?

  1. Periodic and Routine (Cost Averaging)

Cost averaging is a long-term investment strategy that is carried out in stages or regularly. This one strategy is considered the most optimal for gaining profits in stock investments such as stock mutual funds which continue to face market movements that rise and fall significantly. This strategy is suitable for those of you who have little capital.

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  1. Adjust Risk Profile

The next strategy is that you can adjust to your risk profile. It should be noted that there are three types of investors, namely conservative or playing it safe, moderate (medium) and aggressive (dare to take high risks). You can determine which group to invest in mutual funds.

  1. Make it for Long Term Investment

If your goal is to make big profits in a short time, then you are not suitable for using mutual fund instruments. Ideally, mutual funds are suitable for long-term investment, at least for more than 10 years. The reason, because of the erratic fluctuations in stock prices.

  1. Check Investment Costs

Once you have decided to invest in mutual funds, you will need the help of an investment manager. If you choose an investment manager with a good portfolio, it will be worth the cost which tends to be expensive.

  1. Check Legality

Don’t forget to always check the legality of the company where you keep the money. Usually companies that are already legal will be registered on the Financial Services Authority (OJK) website. ()

The government plans to issue the latest Retail Government Bonds (SBN), namely SR018, Does anyone know SR018?

[ad_1] – Viral Today!. If the government has plans to issue the latest sharia retail State Bonds (SBN), namely Retail State Sukuk (SR) or Retail Sukuk series SR018.

Even though it is a sharia investment product, SR018 can be purchased by all individual investors who are Indonesian citizens/WNI regardless of religious or belief background.

According to the (temporary) schedule for the issuance of Retail SBN 2023 published by the Ministry of Finance, investors can buy SR018 during the offering period which will take place on 3 – 29 March 2023.

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Referring to the previous series of Retail State Sukuk Information Memorandum, namely SR017, the following definitions and abbreviations related to the issuance of Retail Sukuk:

– Paying Agent : Bank Indonesia which performs the function as agent for paying Reward/Coupon and/or Retail State Sukuk Nominal Value from the Government, and pays Reward/Coupon and/or Series Retail State Sukuk Nominal Value to Series Retail State Sukuk Owners in accordance with the provisions of the SBSN Law.

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– Administration Agency/Central Registry: Bank Indonesia, which functions as an administrative agent, to carry out administrative activities which include, among other things, registration of ownership, clearing and settlement of Retail State Sukuk in accordance with the provisions of the SBSN Law.

– Akad : Written agreement that does not conflict with sharia principles and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

– Ijarah contract: Contract in which one party acting alone or through a representative, leases the right to an asset to another party based on the agreed rental price and rental period.

– Ijarah Asset To Be Leased Contract: Ijarah contract in which the Ijarah Asset To Be Leased Object has already been specified, and some of the Objects Ijarah Assets To Be Leased existed at the time the contract was made, but the delivery of the entire object Ijarah Assets To Be Leased in the future according to the agreement.

– State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN): The annual financial plan of the government of the Republic of Indonesia approved by the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia.

– SBSN assets: State-Owned Goods in the form of land and/or buildings as well as other than land and/or buildings and SBSN financing objects in the form of Government Projects that have economic value, which are used as the basis for issuing SBSN.

– Perception Bank/Post : Commercial banks and post offices appointed by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia to receive non-import state revenue deposits, which include tax revenue, domestic excise, and non-tax revenue.

Let’s see how to invest in gold and mutual funds through Blibli Invest and get 4 benefits

[ad_1] – Gen Z and Millennials are starting to be interested in investing, marked by the large number of young investors turning to mutual funds and gold as investment options.

According to the 2022 survey, 34 percent of Gen Z and 38 percent of Millennials are interested or have already invested, with gold still being the top priority, with mutual funds also increasingly in demand.

Interest in investing in gold and mutual funds follows the preferences of young investors looking for more stable and secure investment options.

Mutual funds that offer diversified assets with moderate capital and are professionally managed by investment managers are an attractive choice for young investors.

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On the other hand, gold is seen as a safe haven asset that can protect against market volatility and inflation. Both also include investments with a low risk profile making them suitable for young investors who are beginners.

Responding to the growing interest in investing in gold and mutual funds, Blibli partnered with Pluang and Seeds to launch Blibli Invest.

This latest feature is here to make it easy for customers to shop (spending) and invest (investing) in one integrated and trusted ecosystem.

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“Together with Pluang and, Blibli wants to provide an investment experience that is definitely safer, easier and rewarding for young investors so that they are more courageous in starting and confident investing for the future,” said the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Digital Product & Automotive. Category Blibli, Lay Ridwan Gautama, Sunday 19 March 2023.

Blibli wants to be a support system for customers in their daily routines and also help them achieve bigger dreams. With easy access, affordability and security provided by Blibli Invest.

“We hope to help accelerate investment culture among Indonesia’s younger generation.” he said.

What’s interesting, Blibli Invest offers 4 various benefits for customers and young investors, including:

1. For you, the generation that dares to invest, get the opportunity to invest in Blibli

History of Mutual Fund Investment, Beginning, Development in America, Growth in Europe then in Asia

[ad_1] – The history of mutual fund investing can be traced back to the 19th century, although the concept only developed rapidly in the 20th century.

The following is an overview of the history of mutual fund investment:

The beginning:

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In 1822, in the Netherlands, an entity called “Maatschappij tot Nut van ‘t Algemeen” was founded which can be considered the ancestor of modern mutual funds. This entity collects money from many investors to invest in various assets, such as bonds and stocks, with the aim of sharing the profits with the investors. This marked the beginning of the concept of collective fund management.

Developments in the United States:

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In the early 20th century, in the United States, collective investment funds began to develop with the founding of the Massachusetts Investors Trust in 1924. This trust allowed individual investors to invest in a portfolio of joint securities and own shares in the trust. This became the foundation for the modern mutual fund industry in the United States.

Growth in Europe:

In Europe, the development of mutual funds began in the mid-20th century. In England, the first collective investment fund was established in 1931 under the name Foreign & Colonial Government Trust. In Sweden, a type of open investment fund was established in 1950, called “fondkommission”.

Regulation and Further Development:

In 1940, in the United States, the Investment Company Act which involved the supervision and regulation of collective investment funds was introduced. This provides protection for investors and increases confidence in the mutual fund industry. In several other countries, similar regulations are also enacted to protect the interests of investors.

Globalization and Innovation:

Along with globalization and technological advances, the mutual fund industry continues to develop and innovate. The approaches and types of mutual funds also vary, including stock mutual funds, bond mutual funds, money market mutual funds, and index mutual funds. Advances in technology also allow investors to access mutual funds online and invest easily through digital platforms.

Psychological aptitude test for geriatric care at the employment office – this is how the preparation succeeds

Psychological aptitude test, some things you can hardly practice

When it comes to retraining, the employment office always wants to be on the safe side that you will later be able to practice the job that you are learning at the expense of the office. A health check is part of it and of course a psychological aptitude test. This does not only apply to professions in geriatric care:

  • The test usually includes different areas that test your feeling for language and numbers. It’s not about spelling or arithmetic, it’s about whether you can recognize connections. Example: house is to door like yard to (gate, car, street), or you have to continue a series of numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 ……
  • Similar tasks also come your way, having to arrange symbols – that is, triangles, circles, squares that are partially filled – in a logical row.
  • As a rule, these tests also ask about your spatial imagination as a standard. You have to count the outer surfaces of drawn bodies or decide which bodies are stable and which are not.

These tests are designed to assess your suitability. They don’t have much to do with your specific career aspirations. In geriatric care, no technicians are wanted, they just try to find out something about you in general, and a psychological aptitude test always serves to test your ability and willingness to deal with unfamiliar instructions. This part of the test is about difficult to practice.

Future geriatric nurses should practice this for the test at the employment office

  • A large part of the test at the employment office consists of arithmetic problems. You should, if you have a weakness in this regard, repeat the basic arithmetic operations. Percentage calculations are also always tested.
  • You should also master simple word problems. There are many websites with problems and solutions in mathematics on the internet. The material of the 8th and 9th grade is important.
  • Most of the time, you will also have to write an essay that revolves around the topic of elder care. You may also be asked at the end of the test what you remember from the beginning of the test.
  • Keep in mind that, especially in the field of geriatric care, it is not about filtering out the best from a large number of applicants, but that the aptitude test is only intended to find those who are unsuitable and will probably not succeed in the job.

A psychological aptitude test is not a knowledge test, it is about testing your attention, your willingness and your resilience. Nevertheless, these tests are quite similar to the usual recruitment tests and it is certainly an advantage if you take a look at such tests. When taking the test at the employment office, keep this in mind: It is also about your stamina, do not drop out if you have the feeling that the test is too difficult.

Closing sentence of the application – this is how you stand out positively from the crowd

The importance of the closing sentence in a cover letter

The final sentence ends the main part of your application. He includes the request for an interview in your cover letter. Depending on the position you are applying for, the closing sentence of an application can be worded differently.

  • One of the most common formulations is, for example: “I am pleased about an invitation to a personal interview/interview.”
  • Do not formulate in the possibility form (subjunctive)! Expressions like “would”, “could” etc. are too vague.
  • Write with a positive anticipation, such as: “I’m looking forward to your positive answer” or “I’m glad that you’re interested” or “I’m glad you’re interested and looking forward to a personal job interview”. This conveys openness and a healthy, friendly basic attitude.
  • However, be careful when formulating expectations. This could put pressure on the HR manager. Such negative phrases would be “When can I call you?” or “When may I introduce myself to you?”
  • Also, avoid overly original closing sentences. There is a great danger that the wrong sentence will blow up the entire application.
  • The final sentence in applications must not be formulated too complicated. It may contain a maximum of two subordinate clauses and may not span more than two lines.

In general it can be said that you should not use a standard sentence for the final formulation, but try to find a personal, natural variant.

Examples for the final sentence of your application

You can use the following formulations as the final sentence for your application:

  • “I am pleased that you are giving me the opportunity to convince you of my strengths in a personal conversation.”
  • “I look forward to a personal invitation to an interview and am happy to answer any questions that may arise.”
  • “I appreciate your interest and am happy to answer any further questions you may have in a personal meeting.”
  • “Have I aroused your interest? If so, I look forward to an initial conversation with you.”
  • “I am awaiting your reply with interest and would be pleased if you would take the time for a personal conversation.”
  • “I am looking forward to a first personal meeting, to which I will of course bring all my documents with me.”
  • “If I have aroused your interest and you are looking for a committed employee, I would be happy to come to a personal interview.”
  • You may also formulate more directly if it suits you: “The job is my dream job – please give me the opportunity to further explain my suitability in a personal interview.”
  • A closing sentence also includes essential information, such as: “From … to … I will be on vacation and during this time I can only be reached via my cell phone number ….”

I wish you success!

Other author: Dr. Kathrin Kiss-Elder

Formulate a CV in the form of an essay for the police – that’s how it works

The career aspiration of a police officer – requirements for this job

If you want to realize your career aspirations as a police officer, you have to meet a number of requirements.

  • As a police officer in Germany, you must have German citizenship or that of another EU country.
  • Your criminal record must be absolutely clean and you must have a distinguished record of righteousness.
  • In addition to having a driver’s license, a certain height and age are also prerequisites for an application.

Curriculum vitae in the form of an essay – this is how the application to the police succeeds

  • Unlike a company application, you must formulate your CV in the form of an essay for the police. This can cause some uncertainty because it is not the most common type of application.
  • First of all, you should write down your professional career on a separate piece of paper to help you think about it. Important information here is the school education, the school leaving certificate and, if applicable, already learned professions or a completed degree. You should also write down internships and experiences for your CV.
  • Once you have recorded all the stages of your professional career, you should put them in chronological order. Starting with the school education, the (probable) school leaving certificate, the internships and experiences, etc.
  • Once you have all of this information written down on a scratch pad, you can start drafting. Tell a story about your life, but make sure you write factually throughout.
  • Start with your date of birth and then move on to schooling. At the end you can go into relevant hobbies that qualify you for work in the police force. Physical fitness is of particular importance here, so feel free to mention sporting successes.
  • The CV should not be too long and should get to the heart of the important stages of your life.
  • Be sure to pay attention to grammar and spelling, because the essay form of the CV is also intended to test how well you are familiar with the German language.